State Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) ~

Three dental plans may be available to you and your dependents through SEGIP. As with the health plans, not all plans are available in every county of the state. You may choose any dental plan that is available in the county where you live or work.

You may enroll in, drop, or change dental plans during the Open Enrollment period for dental coverage, which usually occurs in odd-numbered years.

Comprehensive Coverage

All of the State's dental plans provide comprehensive coverage for most conditions requiring dental diagnosis and treatment, including orthodontic treatment for children. To help you stay in good dental health, all plans also cover a broad range of preventive services, including:

  • regular exams
  • x-rays
  • t eeth cleanings
  • children's fluoride treatment

Coverage of specific services and your out-of-pocket costs may vary depending on the SEGIP dental plan you choose. Carefully review the benefits and the provider directory for each plan available in your area to help you determine which plan best meets your needs.

Benefits across all plans are similar, but there are some differences from plan to plan, such as the annual maximum amounts and the way benefits are administered. For more detailed information, check your plan's certificate of coverage.

Provider Networks

Each dental plan has a network of dentists and, in some cases, referral providers, through which you receive care.

There are 3 Dental Plans ...

To ask specific questions about dental clinics, call the carrier directly




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