GIC Dental plan for Managers, Legislators, Legislative Staff and Certain Executive Office Staff ~

Eligibility for the GIC Dental and Vision Plans

The GIC Dental/Vision Program is for employees who are not covered by collective bargaining or do not have another Dental and/or Vision Plan. The plan primarily covers managers, Legislators, Legislative staff, and certain Executive Office staff. Employees of authorities, higher education, and the Judicial Trial Court system are not eligible for GIC Dental/Vision coverage.

Dental Benefits
Delta Dental is the provider for the dental portion of the GIC Dental/Vision plan. During annual enrollment, participants may change their dental plan selection:

  • The PPO, also known as DeltaPreferred Option, is a less expensive plan, with a limited network encompassing over 30% of the state's dentists who agree to accept negotiated fees for their services with no balance billing to members. The plan also offers reduced out-of-network benefits.
  • The Indemnity Plan, also known as DeltaPremier, offers network access to more than 95% of the state's dentists who agree to no balance billing.

    If you are in the Indemnity Plan, the GIC recommends that you check to see whether your family's dentist(s) participates in the PPO. Switching to the PPO will save you premium costs (click here for monthly GIC plan rates) and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Contact the plan for details on potential out-of-pocket savings.

    Keep in mind that if you enroll in the PPO and your dentist leaves the plan during the year, you may not change plans until the next annual enrollment.

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