Gentle Whilte Teeth Whitening ~

What the patient wants: Effective treatment without sensitivity ...
Less time in the dental chair
User-friendly Take Home products ...
Eliminate bleaching relapse
Effective treatment without sensitivity ...

What the dentist wants: Efficient use of chair & staff time ... no patient post-treatment discomfort ...
professional strength take-home products not available over the counter ... overcome relapse complaints ... products that generate residual income

More than 5 years if product research and development ... exlusive formulations eliminate sensitivity ... no prep time required -- no gingival barrier needed ... fast, very effective, and free of discomfort ... Product available only from dentists ... not sold in retail stores. .. quickstick ...with equivalent of 19% hydrogen peroxide .. is an ideal way to stop bleaching relapse

Now with microencapsulation technology and a terrific new taste.
Powerful. Equivalent to 18% hydrogen peroxide.
Not just for touch-up. While the original was designed exclusively as a touch-up product, the new QuickStick is so powerful it can function as a primary whitener for mild cases and young patients. It’s ideal for post-orthodontic care.

Clean, fresh taste. New minty taste formula delivers a bright, fresh feeling with a smooth finish free of any unpleasant aftertaste.
Stylish case design is convenient and attractive. Created by a west coast cosmetics designer, the new QuickStick is as much at home on a dressing table as any exclusive brand of men’s or women’s toiletries.

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The quick stick teeth whitening



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