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Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material - VPS Putty Regular

Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material - VPS Putty Fast Set

Dental Impression Materials
Impressions for prosthetic dentistry
An educational dentistry computer assisted learning (CAL) resource covering impression materials used in prosthetic dentistry and the techniques used to obtain a replica of the teeth and mucosa. Feedback is given on the self-test. Published on the Web by the Dentistry School, University of Birmingham.
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Dental Impression Materials / adverse effects
Adverse Reaction Reporting Project (ARRP)
The Adverse Reaction Reporting Project (ARRP) is a national survey of adverse reactions to dental materials in the UK and is being undertaken at the School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield. The project collects data relating to possible adverse reactions seen in primary dental care and dental laboratories. The frequently asked questions section of the site contains useful information on the side effects associated with dental materials and there are links to relevant bibliographic references. Fact sheets and posters are available for downloading in PDF requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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In the moist environment of your patient's mouth the only way to ensure you capture the fine details of your patients' real tooth anatomy is by using an impression material that isn't hindered by moisture.

PolySil Super Hydrophilic is a VPS impression material that specifically formulated to deliver excellent wettablility, to significantly enhance your accuracy by delivering impressions that capture and reproduce every last detail of the anatomy.

This photo clearly depicts the lowcontact angle of the water bead, which shows the superior super hydrophilic properties of PolySil when compared to a regular hydrophilic VPS material.
All PolySil products feature SciCan's innovative "Controlled Flow" formulations, which do not slump or pull away during placement. They stay precisely where you place them in your patient's mouth or in the tray ensuring a more accurate impression and fit the very first time.

PolySil Super Hydrophilic Polysiloxane material fulfills the complete range of your impression needs- from single unit crowns to multiple-unit cases. PolySil is also suitable for all applications and impression-taking techniques.

And since all PolySil products are hypoallergenic, you reduce patient irritation caused by allergic reactions, along with unpleasant tastes and odors.

PolySil Offers:
Unsurpassed dimensional stability for improved accurancy and tear strength. Fast intra-oral times to reduce your patient's discomfort.
Outstanding elastic recovery.
Truly disinfectable impressions without distortion or expansion in disinfecting solutions.

PolySil Super Hydrophilic comes in a wide assortment of viscosities, including light, medium, heavy and monophase. It's also available in regular set, two minutes, one minute and fast set, and all come packaged in familiar convenient cartridge systems.

If you prefer to use a putty technique, PolySil is available in soft or firm putty, packaged in easily handled 260ml tubs of base and catalyst.

PolySil's light body (wash) works well with heavy body and putty materials, with sufficient color distinction for simplified reading of the margins. Since the material comes in both fast and normal setting times, you can choose the right material for your procedure.

For accurate, true-anatomy impressions, nothing beats PolySil bite registration materials. The combination of super hydrophilic properties and Controlled Flow add up to a selection of registration materials that is truly unique.

When you use Polysil Rigid BR, you minimize your patients' discomfort with a 45-second snap set. Even more importantly, Rigid BR provides you with a bite registration that doesn't tear, dislodge from the mouth, bend or distort during lab processing.

PolySil Rigid BR material:

Is ideal for occlusion and other matrices (for all impression taking procedures requiring rigid fast setting) Snap sets (no distortion and more accurate) Possesses exceptional elasticity and minimal distortion (for both short and long term PolySil Rigid BR material
PolySil TransBite registration material delivers an unmatched combination of physical and clinical properties, along with the added benefit of transparency.

TransBite is an ideal material for performing occlusal templates, labial matrices and other custom matrices for light cured materials. When using the TransBite Custom Matrix to duplicate real tooth anatomy prior to cutting, you significantly simplify and enhance the contour and finish of any light cured composite restoration. And, TransBite is a superior transmission impression material for orthodontic brackets when utilizing the direct technique.

TransBite Transparent VPS registration material also provides:
Complete visibility of occlusion at chairside and lab
Fabrication of occlusal templates templates and labial matrices for light and cured composite restorations and chairside veneers (using the TransBite Custom Matrix technique)
Fabrication of transmission impressions for orthodontic brackets using the indirect technique
2-minute set times in mouth (minimizing patient discomfort and potential for distortion)
Outstanding elastic recovery, unsurpassed compression set times and minimal distortions short and long term.

Product Code Description Color
SH-101/R Light Body at Regular Set Time Purple
SH-101/F Light Body at Fast Set Time Purple
SH-102/R Medium Body at Regular Set Time Pink
SH-102/F Medium Body at Fast Set Time Pink
SH-103/R Heavy Body at Regular Set Time Green
SH-103/F Heavy Body at Fast Set Time Green
SH-104/R Multipurpose at Regular Set Time Burgundy
SH-104/F Multipurpose at Fast Set Time Burgundy
SH-201/R Firm Putty at Regular Set Time Blue
SH-201/F Firm Putty at Fast Set Time Blue
SH-202/R Soft Putty at Regular Set Time Green
SH-202/F Soft Putty at Fast Set Time Green
SH-301 TransBite Blue
SH-302 Rigid BR Blue

Product Code Description
SH-000 Dispenser Gun
SH-001 Tray adhesive
SH-002 Mixing Tips (Light, Med, Mono)
SH-003 Intra-oral Tips
SH-004 Heavy Body Cannula