X-ray Safety

In aEH&S oversees the use of all radiation-producing equipment on campus. This includes the diagnostic X-ray machines used at the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Student Health Center, and research systems used in the laboratories for X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy. X-ray equipment could pose a significant hazard and must be registered with EH&S.

Principal Investigators must receive specific authorization from EH&S to use radiation-producing equipment on campus. EH&S conducts an annual inventory and inspection of the radiation-producing equipment and submits the required registration information to the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Principal Investigators are ultimately responsible for the safe use of X-ray equipment and must ensure that all personnel using the equipment have been properly trained. The requirements for using X-ray equipment on campus are found in the Radiation Safety Manual .

For general X-ray information or to register an electron microscope or X-ray unit with EH&S, contact Tom Zimmerman at 294-7664.





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