American Forces InforCity of Houston Dental Plan Highlights~

The city offers two dental coverage options: the Dental Health Maintenance Organization and the Dental Indemnity plans. National Pacific Dental Inc. provides DHMO coverage and Spectera Insurance Company provides indemnity coverage.

Your dental benefits in both plans will remain the same through April 2006. However, the contract for the DHMO plan requires a contribution increase of almost 8 percent, the first increase in three years. The dental indemnity plan rates will stay the same.


A dental health maintenance organization is a network of dentists like an HMO that offers a comprehensive range of dental services for fixed copayments. With the DHMO, you choose a primary care dentist who will coordinate your care and refer you to specialists as needed. You must live in the service area to enroll in the DHMO.

Features of the DHMO include:

No maximum annual limit on dental services,
No deductibles,
No claim forms to complete for most procedures,
A fixed copayment for dental services, and
A network that includes dentists and orthodontists.





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